Why We’re different

We’re different because we do things differently.

Around here, we won’t just tell you what we sell…we want to find out what you need.Sure, your best solution may be a current favorite from our stock. But maybe not.That’s why we think every order should begin with a conversation. We’ve been doing this a long time and we’re here to help. Let’s talk.


Being green figures into everything we do. From recycled material choices to eco-friendly painting processes, we’re committed to sustainability that make a difference.


We’re based right here in Michigan and we partner with other area suppliers whenever we can. Because we’re local, we don’t need to order large quantities in order to deliver great products at great prices.


We work locally, so we have more
control over what we make and how.
We’re able to create new products or
customize existing items—even those
based on a customer’s own design
or request—because we’re involved
throughout the process. We can
even customize packages for school
campuses or municipal programs.


We’ve researched and designed our benches to be some of the most comfortable commercial outdoor seating you’ll find—specially created to help users sit down and get up with ease.

Dynamic Signage
Recycling doesn’t work if people don’t do it. We’ll work with you to create informative signage customized specifically for your recycling center— to encourage better awareness and usage.

Swivel Lock System
Our special patented system makes changing trash bins a snap. Bags simply lock in place and are easily replaced. This easy-to-use liner system works in most existing receptacles—a perfectly practical way to retrofit existing bins.

Pedestal System for Trash Receptacles
Designed to keep receptacles secure and off the ground, our pedestal system prevents possible rusting and trash trapped below. A handy sidewalk leveling system is also available, with a quick release mechanism for easy pedestal removal coming soon.

EcoDip Powder Coat System
This unique process—the smartest, most environmentally advanced method out there—is used to prep all of our metal products. We treat units and individual parts, allowing all areas—inside and out—to be fully dip-coated with primer.

Green Crush (in development)
Our solar hybrid trash compactor holds 8 times more trash than a standard receptacle, greatly decreasing the cost of emptying each bin. It also holds a common-wheeled trash buggy. The compactor even offers space for advertising—both print and digital—for high visibility.