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What do the products at your entrance say about you?

Meijer +
Green Siteworks!

The products featured here were created to enhance your store’s entrance with affordability and longevity and clean, modern style in mind.

Here, smart design makes all the difference.

For example, we strategically use color and texture to help our trash receptacles always appear clean, and our patented bag changing process was engineered to make every change quick and easy for employees.

Our benches are also specially designed with human-centered sit-to-stand ergonomics to better accommodate a range of customer mobility.

At Green Siteworks we’re always looking at innovative ways to improve not only the user experience, but the employee experience too!

Smart Shipping

  • We’ll not only deliver new products, we can also pick up products ready for refurbishment at the same time.
  • When products ship together, costs come down.
  • Products can also be shipped as Just in Time orders to reduce handling costs.
  • We make efforts to reduce packaging costs whenever possible, as well as to recover all packaging, pallets, shipping blankets, and reusable banding.

Smart Recycling

  • Any recycled plastic materials are entered into a manufacturing stream just 60 miles from our warehouse – offering 24/lb, scrape value.
  • Refurbishing and recycling can help deliver 40% to 60% savings over new.

Smart Construction

  • Rugged 100-year lifespan. (Or longer!)
  • Designed to easily re-powdercoat and repair any damaged areas.
  • 99% of all Green Siteworks parts and products are made right here in the Great Lakes Region.

Frames are specifically built to be refurbished and used again (and again!) by Meijer or donated to a local charity when you’re ready to replace.


  • Patented bag changing system
  • Better visual appearance
  • High-quality leveling system
  • Can also convert into recycling receptacle

Two sizes – top load and side load
21″ with 35 gallon
26″ with 50 gallon

Both of these product lines are designed and built right here in the Great Lakes

  • 100-year frames
  • Recycled materials – 30 standard colors
  • Thermally modified wood
  • Locally & Sustainably Harvested ash


  • Designed with sit to stand ergonomics
  • Both backed and backless
  • Use glides to decrease wear
  • Thermally modified wood requires no ongoing staining or coating maintenance

Our systems not only reduce costs, but delivers a fresh look for newly remodeled stores.


  • Versatile design allows racks to be secured on a wall or pedestal for easier snow removal
  • Accommodates different types of bikes and scooters too!

Refurbishment offers 40-60% savings – we’ll even pick up the products from you!


  • Refurbish any cracked and broken products to look just like new
  • Versatile design allows for wall or pedestal mount

And remember …
All our frames are specifically built to be refurbished and used again (and again!) by Meijer or donated to a local charity when you’re ready to replace.


We partner with Terra Cycle for seamless disposal!

  • Better signage means wider product use
  • Signage can be changed out as needed for minimal cost
  • Signage offered with a variety of recyclable items – and vivid description of how it works to increase proper use.
  • Great for user by local organization as fund raisers
  • Costs easily offset by current vendors



  • Patented easy bag changing system
  • Waited bottom – no bags or salt required
  • Can be branded and produced in any color
  • Perfect as an outdoor recycling receptacle too
  • More durable than current Rubbermaid